In the stale haze of cigarette smoke and Testosterone, stripper Allie Parsons works her magic on stage so that her kids can eat the next day.  Suddenly, a mysterious and powerfully built man glides into the club and the smoke clears.  Allie can't pull her eyes away from him, and he doesn't want her to.

How could she know that this man, Toro, would attack her and put her children's lives in danger?

Surviving this wake-up call motivates Allie to finish medical school and rebuild a new life, while toro unleashes a killing spree on Tampa.  She is determined to bring him to justice, but in the meantime, can she overcome the painful scars of her past and keep faith that greater forces of good are at work?

Toro! ​An Allie Parsons Novel


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"Toro: An Allie Parsons Novel has strong dialogue and characterization...This is a very talented author with a strong sense of story." Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 

"...the gritty situations and unusual attention to medical details (Schwalbe is a real-life anesthesiologist) help distinguish it from run-of-the-mill thrillers...Allie is a complex woman...her unusual life story and responses to challenging situations make her a noteworthy, fully fleshed-out heroine who, despite the difficulties, manages to pull off some hard-earned triumphs." Kirkus Reviews

Frank C. Schwalbe

Originally from Jacksonville, FL., Dr. Schwalbe graduated from Davidson College and the University of Florida College of Medicine where he completed his residency in Anesthesiology training.  He resides in Concord, NC . This is his first novel.

​Frank C. Schwalbe 

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